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Do you need Digital Marketing

Do you need Digital Marketing?

Britannia Ventures    July 6 2022

We are all now well and truly living in the Internet Age. Internet users now make up a huge percentage of our global population and a lot more time is being spent on the Internet as compared to television or the newspapers in the past. Using the Internet for several hours each day has become a normal part of most people’s life.

Even big brands like Guinness, which was once a big player in TV Commercials during the 90s have moved with the times and incorporated Digital Marketing into their strategy. So is Traditional Marketing still useful in the eyes of the marketing world? 


What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?



  • Able to conduct analysis and report to monitor your progress
  • Engage your customer at every buying phase
  • Target your correct audience
  • Gain more credibility for your brand
  • Leverage against your competitors

Conducting analysis and reports



It can be challenging to gauge the success of your marketing activities when using offline marketing. For example, if you simultaneously place an advertisement in a newspaper and on a billboard, it is impossible to determine how many people saw the advertisement in the newspaper and how many saw it on the billboard. Knowing which advertisement to invest in and which one is more effective can be more frustrating.


These problems do not exist in digital marketing. In fact, everything worth measuring is possible with digital marketing. From the moment the ad is clicked until the user navigates away. You can figure out how many people saw your advertisement, how many sales it generated, and finally, what your return on investment was (ROI).



Engage your customer at every buying phase



The client journey wasn’t often discussed before digital marketing gained popularity, mostly because it was challenging to comprehend and analyze. After seeing an advertisement on television or in the newspaper, a customer would frequently visit a real store, make a selection, and pay for the item there. However, with digital marketing, we can keep track of every move a customer makes, frequently from the instant they are motivated to look for a service or a product.


Today, it’s typical for a customer to view an advertisement online, look for and compare costs on several websites, then visit a store to try the goods or shop online. Mobile applications give customers access to exclusive deals and discounts, customer service, and comparison tools, all of which help us better understand the purchasing process. A marketer may track a customer’s complete buying process with digital marketing.


Target your correct audience


Due to the fact that so many digital marketing platforms let you target a certain group, audience segmentation is now simpler than ever. We have access to web tools that monitor someone’s online behaviors and demographic data. This information can be used by digital marketers to present consumers with particular goods or services that they might find appealing. For instance, a brand may target a visitor with further and similar advertising after they click on a display ad, whether it was on social media or through a search engine. It offers positive reinforcement, makes purchasing simpler and more enjoyable if the content a visitor sees is based on their interests and online habits.


Based on the stage that your audience is in during the buying process, you can also tailor your content and offers to them. To nurture a lead until they are prepared to buy, for instance, employ email marketing. Perhaps they regularly opened your blog update emails after subscribing to your blog. They visit your service and about me web pages after a while. You now know to send them a targeted email with a special deal. They seek a quote by clicking on the offer.


Gain more credibility for your brand


The internet is the best way for any brand to quickly and sustainably build credibility. Digitally active brands typically end up having the highest reputation, according to content marketing studies. A corporation can answer customers’ questions, define key ideas, and demonstrate that it comprehends the factors that influence its market by the content it produces.


A corporation can acquire the trust of its customers and industry experts by producing useful and engaging content. It may be successful to the point where rivals begin to reference it in their own writing.


Leverage against your competitions


Large organizations do, of course, have substantial marketing budgets, but digital marketing creates an environment where everyone, big or little, can compete on an equal footing. Investments are necessary for content marketing and SEO, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can achieve long-tail keyword rankings if you can produce high-quality content that responds to users’ inquiries. Though it could take some time, it is doable.






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